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Blast to the Past 章節故事系列 (平裝)

-30% Blast to the Past 章節故事系列 (平裝)



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* Blast to the Past:

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Series: Blast to the Past
Author: Stacia Deutsch, Rhody Cohon
Age: 7+
Publisher: Aladdin

Disney's Dream
It's Monday again, and for Abigail, Jacob, Zack, and Bo, that means it's time-travel day! This week Mr. Caruthers asks, "What if Walt Disney had quit and never made Steamboat Willie-the first animated movie with sound?" The kids can't believe their luck; they actually get to meet the Walt Disney!
But when they go back to the past, they discover that convincing Mr. Disney not to quit is going to be harder than they thought. Abigail and her friends have to complete their mission, though; without his first movie, there wouldn't be all those other awesome movies or the Disney Channel on TV! But how can the kids get Mr. Disney to follow his dreams-and keep their mission top secret?
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Bell's Breakthrough
Abigail can't wait to travel back in time again. It's been almost three weeks and she hasn't time traveled once! Luckily, it's Monday, so when Mr. Caruthers asks the class, "What if Alexander Graham Bell quit and never invented the telephone?" Abigail knows it's time to go back to the past!
But when Abigail, Jacob, Zack, and Bo find Professor Bell, he has given up on the telephone. In fact, he is hard at work on a whole new inventions! The kids have to get him back on track, but can they convince the most stubborn inventor they have ever met not to give up?
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Washington's War
Keep history on track-that's an order! Jump back to the past!
Abigail and her friends have an important job today: They must convince George Washington to stay in Valley Forge and continue to fight the Revolutionary War. The future of America depends on him!
Turns out, General Washington is superstubborn. No matter what the kids say, or where they take him, they can't get him to change his mind. Will Abigail and the boys succeed, or will the father of our country become just a blip in history?
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Betsy Ross's Star
What do you really know about the Stars and Stripes?
When Mr. C tells the class they'll be learning about Betsy Ross, Abigail is confused. What could the "what-if" question be?
Turns out that no one knows for sure if Betsy Ross sewed the first American flag! But whether she did or not, the kids have a job to do-Babs Magee is up to her old tricks and plans to take credit for sewing the flag. Abigail and the boys see this as their chance not only to stop Babs, but also to set history straight. 
But once they start trying to figure out the truth, what they discover surprises them all... 
Jump back to the past!
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