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Balamari Game -26%

Balamari Game

The players try to manoeuvre the fishes into the four coloured caves in the play cloth. This needs a..

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Balancing Rainbow -15%

Balancing Rainbow

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Item No: #MK01771 Product Name: Balancing Rainbow Product Size: 25.5 x 11 x..

HK$259.0 HK$220.0
Bath Puzzle -16%

Bath Puzzle

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Item No: 53032 Product Name: Bath Puzzle Product Size: 28 X..

HK$129.0 HK$109.0
Big Aeroplane Jigsaw Puzzle -15%

Big Aeroplane Jigsaw Puzzle

Description Take off with this colourful 30-piece aeroplane floor puzzle! Children will enjoy spott..

HK$169.0 HK$143.0
Big Alphabet Jigsaw Puzzle -15%

Big Alphabet Jigsaw Puzzle

Description Big Alphabet Jigsaw helps children learn the letters of the alphabet in a fun and engag..

HK$249.0 HK$211.0
Big Bus Jigsaw Puzzle -15%

Big Bus Jigsaw Puzzle

All aboard this big red bus! A bright and colourful puzzle with lots of interesting passengers to ob..

HK$169.0 HK$143.0
Big Digger Jigsaw Puzzle -15%

Big Digger Jigsaw Puzzle

Little hands will enjoy piecing together this chunky jigsaw to see the big digger in action! See if ..

HK$169.0 HK$143.0
Big Dinosaurs Jigsaw Puzzle -15%

Big Dinosaurs Jigsaw Puzzle

This beautifully illustrated jigsaw depicts a wide array of dinosaurs, from a triceratops to a t-rex..

HK$169.0 HK$143.0
Big Fire Engine Jigsaw Puzzle -15%

Big Fire Engine Jigsaw Puzzle

Watch the cheerful fire fighters getting ready for action by piecing together this big red fire engi..

HK$169.0 HK$143.0
Big Number Jigsaw Puzzle -15%

Big Number Jigsaw Puzzle

A bold and colourful jigsaw, designed to encourage number recognition and counting skills from 1-20...

HK$249.0 HK$211.0
Big Tractor Jigsaw Puzzle -15%

Big Tractor Jigsaw Puzzle

Little hands will enjoy putting together the thick, chunky pieces to get this shiny red tractor chug..

HK$169.0 HK$143.0
Big Wheels Jigsaw Puzzle -17%

Big Wheels Jigsaw Puzzle

These colourful puzzles include a variety of construction themed vehicles including three diggers an..

HK$119.0 HK$99.0