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Apron stand -15%

Apron stand

Product size: 380 x 380 x 810 mm..

HK$989.0 HK$840.0
Art Easel -15%

Art Easel

Product size: 560 x 590 x 1350 mm NOT include 85901 Acrylic Board ..

HK$939.0 HK$798.0
Balamari Game -15%

Balamari Game

The players try to manoeuvre the fishes into the four coloured caves in the play cloth. This needs a..

HK$359.0 HK$305.0
Balance Bar Set of 5 -30%

Balance Bar Set of 5

Product: 1785 x 450 x 780 mm Packing: 1810 x 775 x 55 mm..

HK$1,530.0 HK$1,071.0
Beleduc Calculino -15%

Beleduc Calculino

Help Calculino to take four blue, four yellow and four red starfishes on board as quickly as possibl..

HK$549.0 HK$466.0
Beleduc Castelino -15%

Beleduc Castelino

A magnificent feast is to be held at the great royal palace. All of you, princes and princesses, fro..

HK$489.0 HK$415.0
Beleduc Caterpillar -15%

Beleduc Caterpillar

With this colourful caterpillar children will become familiar with the numbers from 1 to 10 and with..

HK$279.0 HK$237.0
Beleduc Duck Family -15%

Beleduc Duck Family

  The little ducklings are cheeping merrily as they follow the mother duck - one behind th..

HK$229.0 HK$194.0
Beleduc Frame Puzzle, Construction Site -15%

Beleduc Frame Puzzle, Construction Site

With builders and construction machines the house is built in the twinkling of an eye. With our f..

HK$219.0 HK$186.0
Beleduc Frame Puzzle, Town -15%

Beleduc Frame Puzzle, Town

With our frame puzzles children can deal with familiar places and situations. However, there is alwa..

HK$279.0 HK$237.0
Beleduc Frame Puzzle, Zoo -15%

Beleduc Frame Puzzle, Zoo

Here you can see animals living on other continents normally. With our frame puzzles children can..

HK$219.0 HK$186.0
Beleduc Frog Dog Card Game -44%

Beleduc Frog Dog Card Game

Birdphant, catmouse or frogdog? What kind of funny animal names are those? Create comical imaginary ..

HK$159.0 HK$89.0
Beleduc Happy Farm Lite Edition -15%

Beleduc Happy Farm Lite Edition

On their way over the course the players collect animals and exchange them for others. Whoever has g..

HK$419.0 HK$356.0
Beleduc Jump & Throw Age 4+ -15% 7-14 Days

Beleduc Jump & Throw Age 4+

The ten colourful rings can be arranged to form any chosen course and can be used formany variations..

HK$439.0 HK$373.0
Beleduc Read My Mind -29%

Beleduc Read My Mind

Just imagine being able to read people's thoughts... Concentrate hard, ask the right questions and y..

HK$139.0 HK$98.0