Driven by their motto, “Play-Experience-Learn”, Beleduc creates, develops and distributes educational toys and equipment for children in Kindergartens and daycare centers aged between 0 and 7 years. Beleduc believes that children do not play to learn, but learn because they play. Therefore, Beleduc's products are more than educational toys, and through their “playful” learning approach, Beleduc's products provide high incentives to play and allow children to learn spontaneously whilst having fun.

Each Beleduc product has been incorporated into a learning concept that puts the focus on the child and is developed using current curricula knowledge from experienced pedagogues.

It is Beleduc's continuous ambition to create and develop educational toys that enable children around the world to reach their full potential. 

Beleduc is a family business for more than 50 years:

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Beleduc Acrobatico Game -15%

Beleduc Acrobatico Game

You’ll find the mouse dancing on the bear’s nose here! Raise the curtain for the animal acrobats: Th..

HK$389.0 HK$329.0
Beleduc Animal Confusion Card Game -44%

Beleduc Animal Confusion Card Game

Animal confusion!At the zoo, the keeper left the gates of the animal's enclosures open when he was c..

HK$159.0 HK$89.0
Beleduc Apron stand -29%

Beleduc Apron stand

BELEDUC-86250-Apron-StandAn apron stand is just what your art corner needs.Promote independence in y..

HK$989.0 HK$699.0
Beleduc Art Easel -15%

Beleduc Art Easel

Product size: 560 x 590 x 1350 mm NOT include 85901 Acrylic Board ..

HK$939.0 HK$798.0
Beleduc Balamari Game -15%

Beleduc Balamari Game

The players try to manoeuvre the fishes into the four coloured caves in the play cloth. This needs a..

HK$359.0 HK$305.0
Beleduc Balance Bar Set of 5 -30%

Beleduc Balance Bar Set of 5

Product: 1785 x 450 x 780 mm Packing: 1810 x 775 x 55 mm..

HK$1,530.0 HK$1,071.0
Beleduc Banditti Game -12%

Beleduc Banditti Game

Why is the sausage in the bedroom, the key in the bathroom, and the money in the kitchen? Find out w..

HK$489.0 HK$429.0
Beleduc Buggy -15%

Beleduc Buggy

New and better fabric material. Cooperative playing, imagination, coordination, motor skill, trains ..

HK$779.0 HK$662.0
Beleduc Calculino -15%

Beleduc Calculino

Help Calculino to take four blue, four yellow and four red starfishes on board as quickly as possibl..

HK$549.0 HK$466.0
Beleduc Castelino -15%

Beleduc Castelino

A magnificent feast is to be held at the great royal palace. All of you, princes and princesses, fro..

HK$489.0 HK$415.0
Beleduc Catch The Number Game -15%

Beleduc Catch The Number Game

Who will be the first to collect enough points to win the numbers race? This game is all about being..

HK$329.0 HK$279.0
Beleduc Caterpillar -15%

Beleduc Caterpillar

With this colourful caterpillar children will become familiar with the numbers from 1 to 10 and with..

HK$279.0 HK$237.0
Beleduc Dolls Bed -15%

Beleduc Dolls Bed

Product size: 380 x 600 x 240 mm..

HK$939.0 HK$798.0
Beleduc Dolls Rocking Cradle -15%

Beleduc Dolls Rocking Cradle

Product size: 490 x 600 x 340 mm..

HK$1,099.0 HK$934.0
Beleduc Duck Family -15%

Beleduc Duck Family

  The little ducklings are cheeping merrily as they follow the mother duck - one behind th..

HK$229.0 HK$194.0