Gakken Workbooks

Gakken Workbooks

Learning is FUN!

Gakken Workbooks provide a fun way for children to learn, offering:

  1. A step-by-step approach to stay in tune with child development

    Our activities actively encourage creative play through a series of developmentally appropriate steps. Each activity and workbook is set up to steadily strengthen reasoning, decision-making, and concentration skills.

  2. Preparation for the classroom

    The activities in each book focus on enhancing a childユs cognitive, social and emotional development. Through our proven imaginative learning technique, children prepare for the academic and social challenges of classroom life.

  3. Fun things to do on every page!

    With an exciting variety of kid-friendly problems and activities, Gakken Workbooks offer fun challenges that will appeal to children with different learning styles.

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Go Go Cutting and Pasting Gakken Workbook -19%

Go Go Cutting and Pasting Gakken Workbook

Go Go Cutting and Pasting is designed to give very young children a fun introduction to the world of..

HK$79.5 HK$64.0