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Chalk And Chuckles Hungry Four, Memory Game

New Chalk And Chuckles Hungry Four, Memory Game

Chalk And Chuckles Hungry Four, Memory Game, 8906045560214

Laugh and Learn- Meet the 4 hungry animals in a creative memory game. Find their correct food. Colour coded for younger children. No reading required

Easy Gameplay- Roll the animal and number dice. If you roll 2 and monkey, you get two chances to flip the cards and find the correct food. Do funny actions and make sounds if you get distractions cards

Smart attractive birthday gift for 3 to 6 Yrs- Play matching by yourself or as a team on play dates with siblings and friends. A riot of fun

Skill Development - Develops Visual Spatial Memory, Knowledge of animal food, sounds and movements. Learn to give and follow instructions, Turn taking and playing cooperatively. Builds gross motor and language skills

Games kids want to play again and again- Screen free learning activities. Teacher recommended. Parents approved. Made by early childhood educators

歡笑和學習 - 在創意記憶遊戲中認識 4 只飢餓的動物。 找到他們正確的食物。 

簡單的遊戲玩法 - 擲動物和數字骰子。 如果您擲出 2 和猴子,您將有兩次機會翻牌並找到正確的食物。 如果您分心卡片,請做出有趣的動作並發出聲音

適合 3 至 6 歲 - 自己玩配對遊戲或與兄弟姐妹和朋友一起玩遊戲。 

技能開發 - 開發視覺空間記憶、動物食物、聲音和動作的知識。 學會給出和遵循指示、輪流和合作玩耍。 培養大肌肉運動和語言技能

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