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Boy Anatomy Puzzle -50%

Boy Anatomy Puzzle

WOODEN KIDS ANATOMY PUZZLE: Let your child discover the wonders of the human body with a 5-layer woo..

HK$199.0 HK$99.0
Catch Me! Game Age 4+ -15% Pre-order 30-60 days
Catch the Worm! Magnetic Game -54%

Catch the Worm! Magnetic Game

Wehrfritz Catch the Worm! Magnetic Game*The colour dice decides who can try to catch the worm. ..

HK$1,090.0 HK$499.0
Club 2% -15%

Club 2%

This clever yet simple game of logic is fun for the whole family!Club 2% is inspired by the same use..

HK$199.0 HK$169.0
Conflict Resolution Set: Violent Theme -50%

Conflict Resolution Set: Violent Theme

Wehrfritz Conflict Resolution Set: Violent Theme (Age 6+)Conflicts can arise wherever children,..

HK$1,199.0 HK$599.0

Crazy Cereal Electronic Game

The Big Idea:It's a showdown in a bowl! Grab a spoon and watch as it magically changes color. Then, ..

Crown Hand Exercise Putty (Made in USA) -22%

Crown Hand Exercise Putty (Made in USA)

Video share by LINKS Child Development Centre on YouTube     -Silicone-based hand ..

HK$89.0 HK$69.0

Design & Drill Bolt-It Bucket

The Big Idea Get ready for building fun on the run with this portable construction bucket featu..


Dice in Dice (Set of 72)

Twice the Dice-Twice as Nice! Use these double dice to teach probability, predict numerical outcomes..

Divide the Cupcakes -15%

Divide the Cupcakes

A delicious game where children divide the cupcakes equally over the serving trays. Children practic..

HK$629.0 HK$535.0
DJECO Mosquito -20%

DJECO Mosquito

Djeco Mosquito Game is simple to play for whole family fun. Players have to act out tasks fast. They..

HK$299.0 HK$239.0
DJECO Totem Zen -20%

DJECO Totem Zen

An original dexterity game for players 6-99High quality components featuring 4 chopstick trainersEas..

HK$299.0 HK$239.0

Educational Insights Frida's Fruit Fiesta Game

The Big IdeaLearn letters with Frida! It's lunchtime in the rainforest and Frida is collecting lette..