Toys for 2-6 Years

Toys for 2-6 Years
Play to Learn for 2-6 Years
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Beleduc Catch The Number Game -15%

Beleduc Catch The Number Game

Who will be the first to collect enough points to win the numbers race? This game is all about being..

HK$329.0 HK$279.0
Beleduc Caterpillar -15%

Beleduc Caterpillar

With this colourful caterpillar children will become familiar with the numbers from 1 to 10 and with..

HK$279.0 HK$237.0
Beleduc Dolls Bed -15%

Beleduc Dolls Bed

Product size: 380 x 600 x 240 mm..

HK$939.0 HK$798.0
Beleduc Dolls Rocking Cradle -15%

Beleduc Dolls Rocking Cradle

Product size: 490 x 600 x 340 mm..

HK$1,099.0 HK$934.0
Beleduc Duck Family -15%

Beleduc Duck Family

  The little ducklings are cheeping merrily as they follow the mother duck - one behind th..

HK$229.0 HK$194.0
Beleduc Fire Alarm Game -13%

Beleduc Fire Alarm Game

Help – the building is on fire! Fortunately, all of the animals and people could be brought to safet..

HK$389.0 HK$339.0
Beleduc Flooping Game -10%

Beleduc Flooping Game

Bats flutter through the air to find a spot in the twelve rooms of the fortress. Different rooms can..

HK$389.0 HK$349.0
Beleduc Frame Puzzle, Construction Site -15%

Beleduc Frame Puzzle, Construction Site

With builders and construction machines the house is built in the twinkling of an eye. With our f..

HK$219.0 HK$186.0
Beleduc Frame Puzzle, Town -15%

Beleduc Frame Puzzle, Town

With our frame puzzles children can deal with familiar places and situations. However, there is alwa..

HK$279.0 HK$237.0
Beleduc Frame Puzzle, Zoo -15%

Beleduc Frame Puzzle, Zoo

Here you can see animals living on other continents normally. With our frame puzzles children can..

HK$219.0 HK$186.0
Beleduc Frog Dog Card Game -44%

Beleduc Frog Dog Card Game

Birdphant, catmouse or frogdog? What kind of funny animal names are those? Create comical imaginary ..

HK$159.0 HK$89.0

Beleduc Games To Go: Action

You need to have fast reflexes and concentration to win the Beleduc Action game!All item game chips ..


Beleduc Games To Go: Lotto Animal

Beleduc Lotto Animal has a twist on the traditional memory games. With this game, children can learn..


Beleduc Games To Go: Pisa Game

Do you have what it takes to build the tallest tower with Beleduc Pisa?All game pieces and discs are..