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Beleduc Frame Puzzle, Town -15%

Beleduc Frame Puzzle, Town

With our frame puzzles children can deal with familiar places and situations. However, there is alwa..

HK$279.0 HK$237.0
Beleduc Frame Puzzle, Zoo -15%

Beleduc Frame Puzzle, Zoo

Here you can see animals living on other continents normally. With our frame puzzles children can d..

HK$219.0 HK$186.0
Beleduc Frog Dog Card Game -44%

Beleduc Frog Dog Card Game

Birdphant, catmouse or frogdog? What kind of funny animal names are those? Create comical imaginary ..

HK$159.0 HK$89.0

Beleduc Games To Go: Action

You need to have fast reflexes and concentration to win the Beleduc Action game!All item game chips ..


Beleduc Games To Go: Lotto Animal

Beleduc Lotto Animal has a twist on the traditional memory games. With this game, children can learn..


Beleduc Games To Go: Pisa Game

Do you have what it takes to build the tallest tower with Beleduc Pisa?All game pieces and discs are..


Beleduc Games To Go: Torreta Mini

The Beleduc Torreta Mini is a smaller version of the original Beleduc Torreta game with the same edu..

Beleduc Happy Farm Lite Edition -24%

Beleduc Happy Farm Lite Edition

On their way over the course the players collect animals and exchange them for others. Whoever has g..

HK$499.0 HK$379.0
Beleduc Happy Magic Game -14%

Beleduc Happy Magic Game

The little potion brewing experts search under mushrooms for dots in the same colour as the colour t..

HK$429.0 HK$369.0
Beleduc Kabayo Game -14%

Beleduc Kabayo Game

The horses are on the loose! Try to keep the different arrangements of the horses in mind because th..

HK$209.0 HK$179.0
Beleduc LogiKit -27%

Beleduc LogiKit

Whether in the kindergarten, in the waiting room or while travelling - LogiKit is a versatile "playf..

HK$679.0 HK$499.0
Beleduc Logipic Game -15%

Beleduc Logipic Game

Now creativity starts! LogiPic is a magnet game with which different patterns on the task cards need..

HK$629.0 HK$534.0
Beleduc LogiPlay -27%

Beleduc LogiPlay

Combining logically means to find answers for different tasks. By looking at the explanation on each..

HK$629.0 HK$459.0
Beleduc Match & Mix "Animal Kingdom" -15%

Beleduc Match & Mix "Animal Kingdom"

In the Mix & Match Animal Kingdom, it's all about putting together the individual puzzle pieces ..

HK$209.0 HK$177.0
Beleduc Match & Mix "Fantasy" -15%

Beleduc Match & Mix "Fantasy"

A princess with a lasso or a dwarf with flippers? Anything is possible in this fun puzzle. Put the f..

HK$209.0 HK$177.0