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Air-walker -15% Pre-order 7-14 Days


AIR-WALKERCool designed manual steering robot.Pneumatic suction cup technology makes the robot walk ..

HK$330.0 HK$280.0
Creative World Set for Kindergarten -15%

Creative World Set for Kindergarten

THE PRODUCT INCLUDES:● Student workbooks.● Teacher’s guidebook (digital file available only).● Smart..

HK$41,929.0 HK$35,639.0
Engineering Makerspace Alien Robots -15% Pre-order 7-14 Days

Engineering Makerspace Alien Robots

ENGINEERING MAKERSPACE ALIEN ROBOTSThere are 10 models with a reptilian appearance.The newly designe..

HK$260.0 HK$221.0
Engineering Makerspace Kinetic Machines Pre-order 7-14 Days

Engineering Makerspace Kinetic Machines

ENGINEERING MAKERSPACE KINETIC MACHINES● Includes 5 models with the theme of “kinetics”.● Models use..

Mechanical Engineering Robotic Arms -15% Pre-order 7-14 Days

Mechanical Engineering Robotic Arms

MECHANICAL ENGINEERING ROBOTIC ARMS● Instruction to build 6 pneumatic models.● Includes a pressure a..

HK$480.0 HK$408.0
Solar Power 2.0 -15% Pre-order 7-14 Days

Solar Power 2.0

SOLAR POWER 2.0● The special solar panel in this kit can generate 3 volts of electricity in bright s..

HK$400.0 HK$340.0
The Amazing Tightrope-walking Gyrobot -15% Pre-order 7-14 Days

The Amazing Tightrope-walking Gyrobot

The Amazing Tightrope-walking GyrobotPhenomenal tight-rope walking gyro robot.Watch as it balances o..

HK$360.0 HK$306.0