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Haba Castle Climbing Frog

-15% Haba Castle Climbing Frog

- cool climbing frog and 3D board
- variable level of difficulty
- cooperative and solo variants

Splash! Yet another castle resident has let something fall out of the window and roll into the castle pond. The princess can't find her golden ball, the magician searches for his crystal ball, and the cook has lost a head of cabbage. What will they do? Only Francesco the climbing frog can fetch the items. But he needs help to climb up the steep castle tower and track down the ball's owner. First the players open windows to find the right castle resident. Then they help the climbing frog balance the ball up the wall by pulling on the strings. But they need to be careful that the ball doesn't fall into the wrong hole in the wall. The player who uses their skill and memory to return the most balls wins the game.

Game instruction

1 Castle Climbing Frog with castle pond, consisting of: Tower layout A and B, folding game board, castle pond game board, 4 clamps (for connecting the layouts) and 4 cardboard crosspieces; 1 frog on 2 strings with 2 wooden balls; 10 window tiles with castle residents; 20 portrait tiles; 10 balls (= items belonging to the castle residents); 1 hourglass; 1 set of instructions.
Short game instructions:
• Assemble the castle according to instructions, and prepare the game.
• The game has 2 phases:
• Phase 1: Turn over the top portrait tile and search for the pictured castle resident behind the closed window shutters of the castle. To do this, turn over the window tiles.
• Phase 2: Castle resident found! Place the matching ball on the frog's head and use the two strings to carefully balance and maneuver it to the hole underneath the appropriate window. Keep an eye on the time (hourglass) as you do this.
• If you are successful, place the portrait tile in front of you. The player to collect the most portrait tiles wins the game.
Authors:     Markus Nikisch
Gunter Baars
Illustrators:     Antje Flad
Game type:     memory game
skill game
Warnings:     Warning. Not suitable for children under 3 years. Small balls. Choking hazard.
Game instructions language:     English
Age to:     99 years
Age from:     5 years
Number of players up to:     4 persons
Game duration from:     20 min
Number of players from:     2 persons
Material:     Plastic, Cardboard, Wood

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