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Hape 1-2-3 Shape Sorter -15%

Hape 1-2-3 Shape Sorter

1-2-3 Shape Sorter Drop the shapes into the holes then roll it on its way. Count the pieces. Name th..

HK$139.0 HK$118.0
Hape 2-in-1 Kitchen & Grill Set -25%

Hape 2-in-1 Kitchen & Grill Set

2-IN-1 KITCHEN & GRILL SET Item Number: E3151Age: 3+ YearsRole-play cooking a delicious mea..

HK$399.0 HK$299.0
Hape 2-in-1 World Tour Puzzle and Game -15%

Hape 2-in-1 World Tour Puzzle and Game

Item Number: E1626Age: 5+ YearsRace your friends around the world with this fun two-in-one game. Fir..

HK$229.0 HK$195.0
Hape 6-in-1 Music Maker -15%

Hape 6-in-1 Music Maker

6-in-1 Music MakerItem Number: E0335Age: 18+ Months" If there’s one toy that can satisfy all your yo..

HK$319.0 HK$272.0
Hape Abc Blocks -15%

Hape Abc Blocks

ABC Blocks Letters, pictures and numbers inspire toddlers to create buildings, words and stories. Ha..

HK$229.0 HK$194.0
Hape Abc Magnetic Letters -15%

Hape Abc Magnetic Letters

ABC Magnetic Letters Recognizing and memorizing the alphabet can be enjoyable with the different col..

HK$139.0 HK$118.0
Hape Advanced Track-Building Kit -15%

Hape Advanced Track-Building Kit

Build the railway of your dreams with this selection of track including T junctions, switch tracks a..

HK$309.0 HK$262.0
Hape All Season House (Furnished) -11%

Hape All Season House (Furnished)

Item Number: E3401Age: 3+ YearsThere are as many ways to play with this house as there families in t..

HK$1,799.0 HK$1,609.0
Hape Alphabet Abacus -15%

Hape Alphabet Abacus

Alphabet Abacus This double-sided abacus gives the ABC's a playful twist with letters as well as pic..

HK$239.0 HK$203.0
Hape Anywhere Art Studio -15%

Hape Anywhere Art Studio

ANYWHERE ART STUDIOAge: 3+ YearsThis tabletop art studio keeps artists busy with a magnetic whiteboa..

HK$359.0 HK$305.0
Hape Baby's Room -15%

Hape Baby's Room

Item Number: E3459Age: 3+ YearsShhh! Baby’s sleeping. Tiptoe into this room to play...

HK$179.0 HK$152.0
Hape Beaded Raindrops - Blue -15%

Hape Beaded Raindrops - Blue

Your child will spend hours delighted by the sounds they make at their fingertips Turn this rainmak..

HK$119.0 HK$101.0
Hape Beaded Raindrops - Red -15% Out Of Stock

Hape Beaded Raindrops - Red

Turn this rainmaker over and over again as it stumulates sense with vibrant trickling beads and soot..

HK$119.0 HK$101.0
Hape Beauty Belongings -15%

Hape Beauty Belongings

Item Number: E3014Age: 3+ YearsEncourage role play and satisfy a child's curiousity with this cosmet..

HK$229.0 HK$195.0