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Hape Chef's Apron Set -15%

Hape Chef's Apron Set

Everything tastes better when you’ve got the right accessories. Imagination & Creativity: Encou..

HK$139.0 HK$118.0
Hape Chef's Choice -15%

Hape Chef's Choice

Bread, cheese, vegetables, and imagination. What more do you need? Imagination & Creativity: En..

HK$229.0 HK$194.0
Hape Chef's Cooking Set -15%

Hape Chef's Cooking Set

A future chef can grow and thrive in the kitchen with this basic cooking set. Order a healthy meal ..

HK$229.0 HK$194.0
Hape Children's Room -15%

Hape Children's Room

Item Number: E3456Age: 3+ YearsThis is my room! Every child needs a place to call home...

HK$179.0 HK$152.0
Hape Choo Choo Tracks -15%

Hape Choo Choo Tracks

All aboard! A magnetic wand tracks marbles through this hand-held maze. Fine Motor Skills: Promotes..

HK$139.0 HK$118.0
Hape Chunky Alphabet Puzzle -15%

Hape Chunky Alphabet Puzzle

Item Number: E1551Age: 3+ YearsA, B, C, D! Learning the alphabet is great fun! Can you learn the let..

HK$179.0 HK$152.0
Hape Chunky Clock Puzzle -10%

Hape Chunky Clock Puzzle

CHUNKY CLOCK PUZZLEAge: 3+ YearsPut the colored shapes into their right places to complete the prett..

HK$139.0 HK$125.0
Hape Chunky Lowercase Puzzle -15%

Hape Chunky Lowercase Puzzle

A, B, C, D! Learning the alphabet is great fun! Can you learn the letters right through to Z? This c..

HK$179.0 HK$152.0
Hape Chunky Number Math Puzzle -15%

Hape Chunky Number Math Puzzle

Item Number: E1550Age: 3+ YearsOne, two, three! Counting is great fun! But can you count all the way..

HK$179.0 HK$152.0
Hape Clown Stacker -10%

Hape Clown Stacker

Clown Stacker This funny-face clown gently rocks, easily stacks, and always makes kids smi..

HK$119.0 HK$107.0
Hape Coffee Maker -15%

Hape Coffee Maker

Perk up imaginary play with this single-serve coffee maker. Do you take milk or sugar? Imagination ..

HK$299.0 HK$254.0
Hape Color And Shape Sorter -10%

Hape Color And Shape Sorter

Color and Shape Sorter This multi-tasking sorter encourages counting, sorting, and color and shape i..

HK$139.0 HK$125.0
Hape Cook 'N Serve Kitchen -10%

Hape Cook 'N Serve Kitchen

This small-space wooden kitchen adds more fun with a pull-out counter and extra shelf. Ask your chi..

HK$1,399.0 HK$1,259.0
Hape Cook and Serve Set -15%

Hape Cook and Serve Set

Item Number: E3150Age: 3+ YearsWith the Cook & Serve Set’s wooden pot, pan, plates and accessori..

HK$269.0 HK$229.0
Hape Cooking Essentials -15%

Hape Cooking Essentials

Item Number: E3154Age: 3+ YearsIt’s time for dinner! Help to get things ready by trimming, peeling a..

HK$229.0 HK$194.0