Learning Kitds

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Flying Tic Tac Toe Game -10%

Flying Tic Tac Toe Game

Aim of the gameBe the first to throw 4 tokens in a row.At the end of the game, the player with the m..

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Learning Kitds Fishing -38%

Learning Kitds Fishing

Catch as many fish as you can!Every fish you catch gives you points. Boost your adding skills, win t..

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Learning Kitds Fractions Matching Puzzle -20% Pre-order 30-60 days

Learning Kitds Fractions Matching Puzzle

Learn about the first fraction concept by matching them with associated pizza puzzle piece!..

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Learning Kitds Gear Game -19%

Learning Kitds Gear Game

Gears2017 TOP TOY OF THE YEAR AWARD2017 CREATIVE PLAY AWARD Contents:10 gears3 boardsGame Prepa..

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Learning Kitds My Body -31%

Learning Kitds My Body

My Body2017 PREFERRED CHOICE AWARDYou can't imagine how beautiful our body is!Visualize our skeleton..

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Learning Kitds Numbers Puzzle -20%

Learning Kitds Numbers Puzzle

Learn and count your numbers up to twentyCount the animals and match it with correct number piece. A..

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Learning Kitds Odd and Even Numbers Game -20% Pre-order 7-14 Days

Learning Kitds Odd and Even Numbers Game

Learn your numbers in odd or even!Place the apples cards on the board and speak out the reading. Hel..

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Learning Kitds Operations Game -20% Pre-order 7-14 Days

Learning Kitds Operations Game

xFill in the numbers and make operations!Put the numbers in the holes of operation cards. Use your l..

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Learning Kitds Spelling Fun -31%

Learning Kitds Spelling Fun

A fun first matching and spelling game!Learn about basic phonetic word building. This game helps chi..

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Learning Kitds Unit Converter -20% Pre-order 7-14 Days

Learning Kitds Unit Converter

A first memory game to help kids, Learn conversion of units of measurement! Use this interesting and..

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Multiply -38%


How To PlayThe youngest player starts the game, spinning the spinner.The player advances to the gam..

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My First Coding Game -38%

My First Coding Game

PA9088 My First CodingExercise your brain and win the game!Help children develop concept of the..

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Secret Talent -38%

Secret Talent

Aim of the gameEach player's or team's aim is to guess the images being drawn and reach "FINISH" fir..

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What can be Recycled -19%

What can be Recycled

Aim of the gameFirst reverse the item cards and spread them over on the box lid. Then,randomly draw ..

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