Outdoor Playground
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Caterpillar Climbing Tunnel -25%

Caterpillar Climbing Tunnel

Climb and Crawl CaterpillarClimb in, on, or around the Happy Caterpillar. Discover this charming cat..

HK$3,999.0 HK$2,999.0
Colorful Walking Rope -18%

Colorful Walking Rope

KM0201 68-inches Colorful Walking Rope (up to 6 children)KM0200 146-inches Colorful Walking Rope (up..

HK$119.0 HK$98.0
Discovery Create-And-Paint Easel -30%

Discovery Create-And-Paint Easel

With the Create and Paint Easel little ones can discover crafts and express themselves. Let’s go out..

HK$7,199.0 HK$5,039.0
Discovery Mud Pie Kitchen -30%

Discovery Mud Pie Kitchen

The Discovery Mud Pie Kitchen is a great way for your child to get stuck in at playtime and explore ..

HK$9,800.0 HK$6,860.0
Gonge Sticks (Set of 6) -15%

Gonge Sticks (Set of 6)

Ø 25mm L:1000mm; Set of 6..

HK$890.0 HK$756.0
Grampus Door-Hook Basketball Hoop -15%

Grampus Door-Hook Basketball Hoop

H93265 Door-Hook Basketball HoopUnit: 1/set Specification: 45.5x30cmProduct Features: Can be used in..

HK$589.0 HK$499.0
Grampus Grampus-Football -15%

Grampus Grampus-Football

H8360 Grampus-FootballUnit: 1/piece Specification: 20cmProduct Features: Football that never needs t..

HK$329.0 HK$279.0
Grampus Grampus-Rugby -15%

Grampus Grampus-Rugby

H19019 Grampus-RugbyUnit: 1/piece Size: 20x11cmProduct features: Rugby that never needs to be inflat..

HK$309.0 HK$262.0
Grampus Joylight® Dodgeball 6 Balls Set -15%

Grampus Joylight® Dodgeball 6 Balls Set

Grampus H18005 Joylight® 5" Dodgeball 6-Color SetUnit: 6 pcs/set Size: 12.5cmProduct features: 5-inc..

HK$950.0 HK$807.0
Grampus Jumping Ball 6 Balls Set -15%

Grampus Jumping Ball 6 Balls Set

H48006 Jumping Ball 6 Balls SetUnit: 6pcs/set Specification: 52cmProduct features: Durable, strong b..

HK$1,169.0 HK$993.0
Grampus Jumping Exercise Set -15%

Grampus Jumping Exercise Set

H32668G Jumping Exercise SetUnit: 1/set Specification: 70x60x40cmProduct features: agility training,..

HK$2,699.0 HK$2,299.0
Grampus Moral Football 6 Balls Set -15%

Grampus Moral Football 6 Balls Set

H90606 Moral Football 6 Balls SetUnit: 6pcs/set Specification: 20cmProduct features: Durable, non-de..

HK$699.0 HK$594.0
Grampus Rainbow Basket Ball 6 Balls Set -15%

Grampus Rainbow Basket Ball 6 Balls Set

H91847 Rainbow Basket BallUnit: 6 pcs/set Specification: 21cmProduct features: Durable, non-deformab..

HK$749.0 HK$636.0
Grampus Reaction Ball Large -15%

Grampus Reaction Ball Large

H9323 Reaction Ball LargeUnit: 1/piece Size: 22cmProduct features: Reaction ball the size of a stand..

HK$479.0 HK$407.0
Grampus Teen Volleyball -15%

Grampus Teen Volleyball

H11016-YE Teen Volleyball (Yellow)H11016-RED Teen Volleyball (Red)Minimum QTY: 3 Specification: 20cm..

HK$168.0 HK$142.0