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TELP The Literacy Program Phonics Level 1A

-40% TELP The Literacy Program Phonics Level 1A

Phonics 1A is part of the TELP Literacy Program.

Included in this pack:

  • Letters A – M
  • 112 Worksheets
  • 130 Flashcards
  • Letter of the Week
  • Letter Maze
  • Hidden Letter
  • Where is Letter A?
  • Color by Numbers
  • Colouring pages
  • Handwriting Practice

Why is this Important?

1.Understand that each alphabet letter has a distinct shape and name.

2.Correctly identify each letter of the alphabet.
3. Recognise uppercase and lowercase letters.
4. Phonics – Learn the connected relationships between the letters and the spoken sounds.
5. Develop correct letter sound recognition.
6. Recognise the starting sounds of words.
7. Develop phonemic awareness – the ability to hear, identify and arrange phonemes (individual sounds). • Understand that letters are the building blocks of words.
8. Demonstrate correct handwriting techniques through tracing and letter writing exercises.

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