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Catch the Worm! Magnetic Game

-54% Catch the Worm! Magnetic Game

Wehrfritz Catch the Worm! Magnetic Game

*The colour dice decides who can try to catch the worm. But before that can happen, each player has to look closely. Each set of pincers is different, so not all of the pincers can catch all of the worms waiting on the triangular board. A tricky task!

*Fosters hand motor skills and eye-hand-coordination

*Fosters concentration and ability to distinguish between sizes

A tricky peg game for 2 - 4 players aged 5 and over.

Setting up the game:

For younger children, we recommend that you practise using the pincers first. To practise, put the worms on the table, catch them with the matching pincers and put them on the magnetic board.


Mix up the different coloured worms and put them on the magnetic plate.

Each player then chooses a colour or lets the colour dice decide.

The players take turns to roll the dice and the youngest player begins.

The dice decides which colour of pincers should be used. The pincers aredifferent shapes to match the diameters of the worms. The players have a find a worm in their colour that matches the diameter of their pincers, pull it from the magnetic board and put it in the right hole in their peg board, but they must not use their other hand to help. If the player loses their worm on the way, they have to put it back on the magnetic board.

Then it’s the next player’s turn.

Attention! Each player only gets one chance to find the right worm and pull him from the magnetic plate. If the worm and the pincers don’t match or if another worm falls over, the turn ends and the game moves on to the next player. If the dice shows a colour for pincers that can’t be used, because there is no longer a matching worm on the magnetic board, the player has to miss a turn.

Idea and designer:· Christine Frotscher, Qualified designer and ergo-therapist

- Put the worms on the magnetic board

- The colour dice decides which pincers to use.

- Which worm fits in the pincers? Which hole does the worm fit in?

Pull the worm from the magnetic board

Stick the worm in the peg board

The dice shows the laughing face = choose any pincers

The dice shows the crying face = miss 1 turn

The laughing face on the dice is the joker. That means that the player can use any pincers. The crying face means “miss a turn”. The winner is the first player to fill their peg board. It’s not that easy! Skill and visual judgement are required, but the game also needs a little luck.


Each player puts the worms in their colour in front of them on the table. The dice decides the colour of pincers. The matching worms are put on the magnetic board using the pincers or players can take aim and drop them onto the magnetic board from above. Of course, none of the worms may fall over and players have to think carefully so that all of the worms can fit on the magnetic board.


*4 board each with 8 worm pegs in 4 colours

*4 pincers

*1 magnetic board

*1 dice

*Instructions with many game variations.

Material: wood, metal. Dimensions: gripper 16 to 17 cm, worm pegs Ø 0.8 to 3 cm, L 4 to 10 cm, peg board side length 11 cm. Contents: 4 peg boards each with 8 worm pegs in 4 colors, 4 grippers, 1 magnetic board (30 x 30 cm), 1 colored die, 1 set of instructions with game suggestions.

Download game instructions

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