Collection: Play Foods & Kitchens 玩具食物和廚房

Play Foods & Kitchens 玩具食物和廚房

小朋友會喜歡玩這些假裝炊具套裝和廚房用具。 包括燒烤爐、微波爐和各種假裝炊具和餐具套裝。逼真的遊戲食物,適合創意遊戲。 非常適合早期學習中心的創意教育資源。 以有趣和互動的方式教導健康飲食習慣以及國際文化和食物。這些小小世界玩具引導小朋友遊戲中體驗學習。 透過遊戲,小朋友可以了解他們的世界。 這些玩具有助於促進日常生活和家庭護理。 小朋友透過玩耍變得自信並形成更強的認同感。

Children will love to play with these pretend cookware sets and play kitchen appliances. Includes BBQs, microwaves and a large variety of pretend cookware and dinnerware sets.
Realistic looking play food for creative play. Creative educational resources which are perfect for early learning centres. Teach about healthy eating habits and international cultures and foods in fun and interactive ways. These educational resources are designed to encourage play. Through play, children can understand their world. These resources help to promote daily routines and home care. Children become confident and develop a stronger sense of identity through play.