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Bingo! Matching Game -53%

Bingo! Matching Game

BINGO is a fast, fun matching game. It's great for pre-readers and early readers alike since it uses..

HK$169.0 HK$79.0
Count and Sort Wooden Manipulative Toy -15%

Count and Sort Wooden Manipulative Toy

Counting rings and numeric guides are color-codedHelps children to practice color recognition, count..

HK$169.0 HK$143.0
Doggie Bones Game -19% Discontinued

Doggie Bones Game

The dogs have all buried their bones in the yard but they cannot remember where. The players take tu..

HK$359.0 HK$289.0
Happy Farm Game Teacher Edition -15%

Happy Farm Game Teacher Edition

On their way over the course the players collect animals and exchange them for others. Whoever has g..

HK$559.0 HK$475.0
How Are You Feeling? Emotion Kids Wooden Figure -41%

How Are You Feeling? Emotion Kids Wooden Figure

The How Are You Feeling wooden people are a set of solid gorgeous timber figurines ideal for childre..

HK$169.0 HK$99.0
Mixola Game -10%

Mixola Game

Content: 1 cardboard game board, 6 wooden game figures, 3 coloured "snail dice", 1 colour guide card..

HK$269.0 HK$242.0
Move & Twist Game -10%

Move & Twist Game

A jolly action game. The little ladybird wants to go up, along the blossom stem, to the wonderful bl..

HK$359.0 HK$323.0
Stack & Build Emotion Kids -43%

Stack & Build Emotion Kids

Recommended Age3 yrs. - 5 yrs. / Preschool - KindergartenDescriptionKids explore the various ways pe..

HK$299.0 HK$169.0
Turn & Tell Wooden Clock -26%

Turn & Tell Wooden Clock

Perfect for kids who are ready to learn to tell time, this learning clock features hands that rotate..

HK$199.0 HK$148.0