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How to Play Goula Catch it Game

Posted by Grace 26/07/2019 0 Comment(s)

I would like to introduce a game suitable for kindergarten students. This game is also able to train different abilities


Name of the game: Goula Catch it!
Number of players: 2-4 people
Time: 10 minutes
Age: Form 3 years old
Materials: wood,cardboard
language of Game manual: French, German, English, Dutch, Spanish, Italian,Chinese



3 wooden dice:

Animal die (dog, cat and turtle)
Colour die (yellow, blue and red)
Pattern die ( spots, stripes, and checks)

27 cardboard pieces and game instructions.



How to play:


Aim of the game - Be the first to find the right combination of animal, pattern and colour.


  1. Start by mixing all the animal pieces with the drawing of the animal face-up.​
  2. Take turns rolling the 3 dice and all of the players have to find the matching combination that was rolled on the dice at the same time: animal, colour, and pattern.
  3. The first player to point to point to the matching animal piece keeps it, and the next player rolls, and so on, until all of the pieces are gone.

And if a combination that has already been taken is rolled, the dice are rolled again.


End of the game

the player with the most animal pieces is the winner.


An easier playing method


In the beginning, small children can play with only two dice

for example :the animal die + the colour die, making the game easier to play and understand.



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