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How to Play HABA Jungle Treasure Game

Posted by Grace 15/07/2019 0 Comment(s)

First of all,I want to introduce a fast-paced, exciting game.

which is suitable for children during their summer holiday, reducing their time on TV and computer.



Name of the game: HABA Jungle Adventure

Number of players: 2-4 people

Time: 10 minutes

Age: 6 years old or older

Material: wood, cardboard

language of Game manual: French, German, English, Dutch, Spanish, Italian


1 adventurer, 25 gemstones (12 yellow, 8 green, 5 red), 6 temple blocks, 74 cards, 10 tiles, 1 outline card, 1 hourglass, 1 packet, set Instructions.


How To Play

The treasure hunter takes the bag with the gemstones, the overview card, the pile of cards and the six temple stones and keeps them in front of him. During their expedition the player will try to pull as many gemstones as possible out of the bag.

  • The treasure hunter may not look inside the bag when pulling gem- stones out of it.
  • The color of the gemstones indicates how may problems the treasure hunter must solve.
  • The expedition can only last as long at it takes for the hourglass to run through.


Color of gemstone

Yellow gemstone = don't have to solve anything.

Green gemstone=have to solve a problem

Red gemstone= You have to solve two problems. Keep the gemstone in front of you and uncover the top card of the pile in the center of the table. Solve the first problem. When you have solved it, uncover a second card and solve this problem as well.



There are 5 different challenge cards, and the golden bag in the upper left corner indicates the gold value of the cardThe problems There are five different kinds of problems to solve. The number on the sack of gold indicates how much gold a problem is worth.


  • Blue card =cast a gemstone in the air

 Take the gemstone you just pulled out in one hand. Cast it into the air (4 to 8 inches high) and catch it again. If you don't catch it, try againhe


  • Green card = cover the monument

With the six temple blocks, construct the temple shown on the card. As soon as you finish, the other players confirm with a short "okay" that the construction is right. Then place the six blocks in front of you again.


  • Orange card =  Search for an item of equipment or an animal from the jungle

If the card shows an item of equipment or a jungle animal, search for the corresponding tile in the center of the table. Look at the tiles one by one. If you find the right tile,leave it there face up.


  • yellow card = Complete the mask of the guardian

 Search in the little bag for three gemstones which match with the mask of the quardian and place them on the cor- responding marks on the card. You can look inside the bag while searching. Make sure you keep these gemstones apart from the gemstones you had before.


  • Protect adventurer card=Catch the adventurer

This problem involves all the pl this card and thus the gold. As soon as the card showing the adventurer has been uncovered, each player tries to snatch first for the adventurer in the middle. Whoever succeeds, immediately gets the card and keeps it in front of them together with other cards they might already have. The adventurer is placed back into the center.

All players can participate. When the card is opened, everyone can move the explorer in the center of the table with agility. If successful, they can get the card and its gold.


End of the game

The game ends as soon as each player has been treasure hunter three times. The players count the gold on their cards. Children who can not yet count may be helped by another player. The one who collected the most gold, wins the game. In the event of a draw there are various winners.

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