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Busy Wheels 8 Books Collection Paperback

Busy Wheels 8 Books Collection Paperback

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QED Publishing Busy Wheels 8 Books Collection Paperback
Author: Peter Bently Illustrator: Martha Lightfoot

是時候讓那些可以競賽、旋轉和活動的機器忙起來了! 這個充滿活力的系列旨在激發頑皮的學齡前兒童的興趣。 每本《Busy Wheels》書籍都提供了豐富多彩的車輛冒險、可模仿的聲音以及令人興奮的工作! 車輛不同部分的詳細介紹將幫助孩子們了解機器的組成部分,並幫助他們熟悉車輛詞彙和聲音。

It's time to get busy with machines that race, vroom and zoom! This vibrant series is designed to excite playful pre-schoolers. Each Busy Wheels book offers a colourful vehicle adventure, sounds to mimic and an exciting job to get done! A detailed spread on different parts of the vehicle will help children to understand what makes up the machines and will help familiarise them with vehicle vocabulary and noises. 

Titles include:

  • Monster Truck Mountain Rescue
  • Ambulance in Action
  • Digger to the Rescue
  • Dumper Truck Dash
  • Police Car on Patrol
  • Fire Engine is Flashing
  • Tractor Saves the Day
  • Racing Car is Roaring
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