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Kindermatic Colour-Preserving Specimen of Corolla Type 花冠類型保色標本

Kindermatic Colour-Preserving Specimen of Corolla Type 花冠類型保色標本

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Kindermatic Colour-Preserving Specimen of Corolla Type 花冠類型保色標本

教具構成:實物展示花冠類型保色標本,包裝:包埋 白盒, 材質:高分子樹脂,產品尺寸:16cm*8cm*2cm 包裝尺寸17.5*9.5*4cm

引人入勝的學習體驗:真實標本、耐用的壓克力嵌入和詳細的特寫觀察結合,確保各個級別的學習者都能獲得引人入勝且富有啟發性的體驗。 標本使複雜的生物學概念更容易理解,培養對生物學的熱愛和對自然世界的更好理解。

  • 耐用的壓克力製造
  • 可供不同角度的特寫觀察
  • 防意外撞擊設計
  • 多功能教育工具

Unveil the captivating world of botany with our Plastic Embedded Corolla Specimen. This hands-on educational tool allows you to dive into the diverse universe of corolla types, all embedded in durable plastic for close observation and study. Our Plastic Embedded Specimen offers a unique opportunity to explore the intricate structures of different corolla types. From vibrant petals to various floral adaptations, this specimen provides a deep dive into the world of botany.

Engaging Learning Experience: The combination of real specimens, durable acrylic embedding, and detailed close-up viewing ensures that learners of all levels can have an engaging and enlightening experience. The hands-on nature of the specimens makes complex botanical concepts more accessible, fostering a love for plant biology and a better understanding of the natural world.

  • Durable Acrylic Embedding
  • Close-Up Viewing from All Angles
  • Accident-Resistant Design
  • Versatile Educational Tool


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