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Globber Go Up Foldable Plus Light 多功能摺合閃燈三輪滑板車

Globber Go Up Foldable Plus Light 多功能摺合閃燈三輪滑板車

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Globber Go Up Foldable Plus Light 多功能摺合閃燈三輪滑板車

騎乘和步行自行車模式專為 15-36 個月的幼兒設計,踏板車模式專為 3-7 歲以上的兒童設計

屢獲殊榮的一體式發光踏板車,配有幼兒座椅。變身無需免工具,專利的適應性設計可以輕鬆地為幼兒從騎行模式轉變為步行自行車和踏板車模式。 騎乘和步行自行車模式專為 15-36 個月的幼兒設計,滑板車模式專為 3-7 歲以上的兒童設計。 GO•UP FOLDABLE PLUS LIGHTS 發光滑板車配有幼兒座椅,配有可拆卸腳踏板和易於旋轉的旋鈕,可在騎行模式下安全、舒適地騎行滑板車。
GO•UP FOLDABLE PLUS LIGHTS 帶座椅幼兒發光滑板車柔軟舒適的TPR 座椅可透過側面的免工具旋鈕進行調節,帶座椅的幼兒滑板車是一款可調節滑板車,帶有3 個高度可調節的T 型桿。 我們的帶有幼兒座椅的發光滑板車可轉變為安全、可折疊的幼兒滑板車,配備我們的專利折疊系統,幼兒滑板車的甲板上有一個易於使用的側按鈕。 發光滑板車採用超低金屬強化結構製成,承重可達50公斤,並配有寬闊的防滑複合滑板車板,可安全滑板。
GO•UP FOLDABLE PLUS LIGHTS 幼兒發光滑板車帶座椅,配有兩個免電池 LED 高品質高彈性 121 毫米前 PU 鑄造滑板車輪,可閃爍紅、綠、藍。 您的孩子在任何模式下騎我們帶座椅的幼兒滑板車越快,滑板車前輪閃爍得越亮!



  • Award-winning, all-in-one light-up scooter with seat for toddlers. A patented, adaptable design easily transforms from ride-on, to walking bike and scooter mode for toddlers, thanks to our 100% tool-less design. Ride-on and walking bike modes are designed for toddlers aged 15-36 months and scooter mode for kids aged 3-7+ years old. GO•UP FOLDABLE PLUS LIGHTS light-up scooter with seat for toddlers has a removable footrest with an easy-to-unscrew knob for safe, comfortable scooter rides in ride-on mode. 
  • GO•UP FOLDABLE PLUS LIGHTS toddler light-up scooter with seat’s soft, comfortable TPR seat is adjustable by a tool-less knob on the side, and the toddler scooter with seat is an adjustable scooter with a 3-height adjustable T-bar. Our light-up scooter with seat for toddlers transforms into a safe, foldable toddler scooter that comes with our patented folding system with an easy-to-use side push button on the toddler scooter’s deck. The light-up scooter is made of a super-low metal reinforced structure, which supports up to 50kg, and comes with a wide, anti-slip composite scooter deck for safe scooting. 
  • GO•UP FOLDABLE PLUS LIGHTS light-up scooter with seat for toddlers has two battery-free LED high-quality & high-rebound 121mm front PU casted scooter wheels, which flash in red, green and blue. The faster your little one rides our toddler scooter with seat in any mode, the brighter the front scooter wheels flash!
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