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Globber JUNIOR FOLDABLE LIGHTS 發光車輪摺疊幼兒滑板車 Ages 2-6

Globber JUNIOR FOLDABLE LIGHTS 發光車輪摺疊幼兒滑板車 Ages 2-6

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Globber JUNIOR FOLDABLE LIGHTS 發光車輪摺疊幼兒滑板車  Ages 2-6
  • 幼兒三輪滑板車附升級版可調節3段高度T型手柄(由地面量度起:54cm, 61cm, 68cm),2歲或以上小朋友都適合使用,加闊腳踏板採用防滑花紋設計,最大承重量達至50公斤。
  • 可摺疊幼兒三輪滑板車適合用2-6歲或以上小朋友使用,配合安全易用專利按鈕摺疊系統
  • 發光滑板車前車輪會發出紅、綠、藍光。前車輪中央內置發電系統讓LED燈發光,無需使用電池!
Can you start scooting at 2 years old? With JUNIOR FOLDABLE LIGHTS, you can! Designed with toddlers in mind, this 3-wheel light-up scooter for toddlers is packed with all the essential features of our signature 3-wheel kids’ scooter—a patented steering lock and folding system with a push button and an adjustable T-bar—but redesigned to fit 2-year-old toddlers with a wide and low deck and battery-free LED light-up wheels. It’s perfect for little ones to join in on scooting adventures—they faster they go, the brighter they glow!


Patented Steering Lock System

Teach those little feet to balance on a scooter at your toddler’s pace. JUNIOR FOLDABLE LIGHTS light-up scooter for toddlers has a patented steering lock system exclusive to Globber: The front wheels are fixed in a vertical to-and-fro movement, allowing your child to practice balance and gain confidence in scooting. Once they’re ready to ride, simply release the steering lock button so they can start turning the wheel and scoot on their own!


Patented Folding System

Equipped with a patented folding system, easily carry and compactly store your JUNIOR FOLDABLE LIGHTS light-up scooter for toddlers! Plus, effortlessly fold this 3-wheel light-up scooter into trolley mode for you or your toddler to roll home after a fun scooting day.

3-Height Adjustable T-bar

Toddlers can comfortably ride on a 3-wheel ride tailored just for them—JUNIOR FOLDABLE LIGHTS is equipped with a 3-height adjustable aluminium T-bar (54cm, 61cm, or 68cm) for a comfy scooting experience. Durable Scooter DeckJUNIOR FOLDABLE LIGHTS is equipped with a wide and low anti-slip scooter deck for toddlers to easily place both feet while scooting and is durable enough to handle the little one’s craving for scooting all day, every day! Battery-Free LED Light-Up WheelsHave fun with colours and lights when you scoot around the driveway! JUNIOR FOLDABLE LIGHTS light-up scooter for toddlers comes with LED light-up front wheels that flash in blue, green, and red for a colourful ride all day long. No batteries are ever needed thanks to dynamo lighting—it runs purely on the kinetic energy produced by your scooting power which means it’s totally battery-free!
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