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HABA Fish Me! Mini Game

HABA Fish Me! Mini Game

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HABA Fish Me! Mini Game

A magnetic fishing competition for 2 - 6 anglers!

Anglers big and small meet at the can pond for the annual fishing competition. Fisherman Fritz also throws out his fishing rod. Suddenly a green fish stick appears and shouts “Fish me!” Fisherman Fritz rubs his eyes in amazement. There! A second fish stick and also a red puffer fish swim towards him. And everyone shouts in unison “Fish me, fish me!” But unfortunately, fisherman Fritz is only allowed to catch yellow fish in this fishing round. That's why he has to be very careful: If he gets too close to a fake fish, he'll be hanging on his rod!

Game contents: 1 fishing rod, 18 fish (in three colors and sizes), 1 dice, 1 can, 1 game manual

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