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Kindermatic Animal Puppets 動物手偶

Kindermatic Animal Puppets 動物手偶

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Kindermatic Animal Puppets 動物手偶



每個木偶長 24 公分(9.5 吋)。


培養運動技能、教學和享受樂趣。 其他好處
透過富有想像的遊戲解決衝突和思考能力。 他們幫助


✔ 多種選擇的動物手偶
✔ 可移動的嘴巴,可以用手指在木偶內部打開和關閉
✔ 長 24 厘米/9.5 英寸
✔ 適合成人和兒童的手
✔ 高品質柔軟毛絨材質


激發孩子的想像:孩子可以用這些玩具享受數小時的創意遊戲。 手偶提供了一種有趣的方式來講述多個角色的故事
非常適合:家庭、學校、日托和職業治療。 手偶用於讀寫能力、語言和社交/行為發展

Animal Hand Puppets with Movable Mouths and Hands

Our premium quality hand puppets are made of soft plush material and are made to fit the hands of both adults and kids 

Each puppet measures 24 cm (9.5" inches) in length.

Benefits of Hand Puppets

Puppets are perfect for story-telling, role-playing, pretend play,
building motor skills, teaching, and just having fun. Other benefits of
puppets include language development, social/behavioral development, 
conflict resolution, and thinking skills via imaginative play. They help
stimulate a child's mind by providing fun visual stimulation and interactivity.

Features Include:

✔ Animal hand puppets in a variety of options
✔ Movable mouths that can open and close with your fingers inside the puppet
✔ 24 centimeters / 9.5" inches in length
✔ Fits adult and children hands
✔ High quality soft plush material

Choose from our variations of farm, zoo, safari and jungle animals.

  • QUALITY HAND PUPPETS: Made from soft plush material, these puppets have movable working mouths and are made to fit hands of adults and kids
  • ADORABLE ANIMALS: Each set features the cutest farm, zoo, safari and jungle animals with detailed features, a mouth that can be opened and closed with your fingers inside the puppet
  • SPARK CHILDREN'S IMAGINATION: Kids can enjoy hours of creative play with these toys. Hand puppets provide a fun way to tell a story with many characters
  • GREAT FOR: home, schools, daycare and occupational therapy. Puppets are used by practitioners for literacy, language and social/behavioral development
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