Toys for 6-12 Years

Toys for 6-12 Years
Play to Learn for 6-12 Years
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Connex Aim N Shoot -10%

Connex Aim N Shoot

Aim N Shoot-Test your Shooting on this Challenge-Moving Basketball Board Focuses on Hand/Eye Coordin..

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Connex Amazing Aquarium -10% Out Of Stock

Connex Amazing Aquarium

Build your own artificial tankWatch its vivid digital movement comes to lifeConvenient pet fish with..

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Connex Amazing Drawer -10%

Connex Amazing Drawer

AMAZING DRAWER 38842AGE 8+STEM TOY- Automatic Scientific Drawing- Super fun 64 art patterns- Build i..

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Connex Amazing Piano -10% Out Of Stock

Connex Amazing Piano

AMAZING PIANO 38836AGE 8+STEM TOY- Build your own electronic musical instrument- Discover & expr..

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Connex Boxing Tops -10%

Connex Boxing Tops

Learn the PHYSICS OF ROTATION LawExplore and Develop Skillful TechniquesRequires 2 x "AA" batteries,..

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Connex Bubble Science -10%

Connex Bubble Science

Bubble Science-Learn about physics of foams-Construct to see floating of spectacular bubblesRequires..

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Connex Bull's Eye Strike -10% Out Of Stock

Connex Bull's Eye Strike

Obstacle Challenge with Spinning FunLearn about Eye DominanceRequires 2 x "AA" batteries, not includ..

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Connex Crocodile Snap -10% Out Of Stock

Connex Crocodile Snap

CROCODILE SNAP 38826AGE 8+STEM TOY- Shoot and feed the hungry crocs- Build it yourself- Promotes han..

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Connex Digital Traffic System -10%

Connex Digital Traffic System

DIGITAL TRAFFIC SYSTEM 38848AGE 8+STEM TOY- Experiment your traffic control- Practice traffic manage..

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Connex H2O Pump -10%

Connex H2O Pump

H20 PUMP--- Create your very own water recycle system--- Understand the basic water flow of a recycl..

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Connex Maze Challenge -10%

Connex Maze Challenge

MAZE CHALLENGE--- Test out your hand skill--- Try your patience--- Flexible wire to bend at desired ..

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Connex Recycle Screw Pump -10%

Connex Recycle Screw Pump

- Learn Scientific History of “Archimedean Screw”- Invent Your Own Moving Recycle Water Concept- Sci..

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Connex Robotic Spider -10% Out Of Stock

Connex Robotic Spider

ROBOTIC SPIDER 38832AGE 8+STEM TOY- Build it yourself- Mechanical spider comes to life- With ECO-FRI..

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Connex Soccer Fever -10%

Connex Soccer Fever

SOCCER FEVER 38817AGE 8+STEM TOY- With ECO-FRIENDLY REUSABLE BOX- Build it yourself- Develops coordi..

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Connex Space Ball Collector -10%

Connex Space Ball Collector

Collect the Most Balls to Win!Learn to Control Your Sense of TimingRequires 2 x "AA" batteries, not ..

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