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Kindermatic Stackable Kindergarten Kiddie Cot (MOQ 5PCS) 可疊放幼兒園兒童床 (最少起訂量5張)

Kindermatic Stackable Kindergarten Kiddie Cot (MOQ 5PCS) 可疊放幼兒園兒童床 (最少起訂量5張)

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 Kindermatic Stackable Kindergarten Kiddie Cot 可疊放幼兒園兒童床 

  • 教室兒童床:孩子們可以在托兒中心、日間照顧中心或家中舒適地睡午覺和休息時間; 床高離地面 18/22 厘米,讓兒童在午睡期間保持涼爽、清潔和穩定
  • 經久耐用:採用粉末塗層鋼桿、耐用的塑膠角和重型、抗拉伸透氣網眼織物製成; 休息床專為幼兒設施中的日常使用而設計
  • 節省空間:嬰兒床可垂直存放,方便收納,以節省教育教室的寶貴空間
  • 安全認證:嬰兒床符合GB6675安全認證,邊緣圓角設計,增加安全性; 網布與框架緊密貼合,有助於保護小手指和腳趾
  • 標準棉床單和毯子,單獨出售
  • Classroom Cots: Children will sleep comfortably for nap and rest time at childcare centers, daycares or homes; rest cots elevate children 18/22cm off the floor to keep children cool, clean, and stable during nap time
  • Built to Last: Made with powder-coated steel poles, durable plastic corners, and heavy-duty, stretch-resistant breathable mesh fabric; rest cots are designed for daily use in early childhood facilities
  • Space Saving: Cots are readily accessible for teachers by storing vertically to save valuable space in educational classrooms; cots nest for convenient storage
  • Certified Safe: Cots are conformed to GB6675 safety Certified, and feature rounded edges for added safety; mesh fits tightly to the frame to help keep little fingers and toes protected
  • Standard cot sheets and blankets, sold separately
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