Collection: Sand and Water Play 玩沙和玩水

Sand and Water Play 玩沙和玩水

沙水遊戲對兒童來說是一項有趣的感官活動,引導遊戲的學習體驗。 實驗水和沙子的流動可以幫助孩子培養好奇心、想像和解決問題的能力,同時讓他們對物理和自然世界有基本的了解。這些產品系列包括各種沙子和地下水台以及由耐用材料製成的工具,可承受戶外學習遊戲環境。

Sand & Water play is an enjoyable and sensory activity for children that encourages play-based learning experiences. Experimenting with the flow of water and sand helps children to develop their curiosity, imagination and problem solving abilities, while at the same time, gives them a basic understanding of physics and the natural world. This resource range includes a variety of sand and water tables and tools made from durable materials designed to withstand outdoor learning play environments.