Collection: Touch and Feel 觸摸與感覺

Touch & Feel 觸摸與感覺

非常適合早期學習和幼兒發展 觸摸和感覺玩具可幫助您的幼兒探索不同類型的玩具。 從泰迪毛茸茸的肚子到美人魚絲滑的尾巴,這些明亮、有紋理的標籤讓學習變得有趣,並幫助您的孩子發現裡面所有有趣的玩具。 

Great for early learning and toddler development Touch and Feel Toys helps your toddler explore different types of toys. Make learning fun with these bright, textured tabs, from teddy's furry tummy to mermaid's silky tail, and help your child discover all the fun toys inside. Read along together so your child can learn as they play.