Collection: Frame Puzzles 框架拼圖

Frame Puzzles 框架拼圖.

基本上都是拼圖遊戲的初級等級。 顧名思義,互連的拼圖塊位於框架內,通常是由木材和紙板製成。

該框架可以幫助孩子們知道將拼圖塊放在哪裡,尤其是邊界處的拼圖塊。 這些拼圖適合學齡前兒童和幼兒園兒童。

框架拼圖可以包含 9 至 60 塊。 它們涵蓋了各種主題,特別是車輛和動物,包括更複雜的圖像。

Frame puzzles are basically the beginner level for jigsaw puzzles. As the name implies, the interlocking pieces go inside a frame and they’re always made from cardboard.

The frame helps kids in knowing where to put the puzzle pieces especially the ones at the borders. These puzzles are suitable for preschoolers and kindergartners.

Frame puzzles can have anywhere between 9-60 pieces. They cover a variety of topics especially vehicles and animals including more sophisticated images.