Collection: Dolls & Doll House 娃娃及娃娃屋

Dolls & Doll House 娃娃及娃娃屋

娃娃玩具促進幼兒的培養和創造性的遊戲。 產品包括有各種不同的國家文化。 鼓勵想像和語言能力。 娃娃衣服也有。
角色扮演和創意活動的體驗,非常適合在家中或早期學習中心使用。 培養社交技能、語言技能、精細運動技能和創造力。 激發和吸引幼兒的產品。
推薦我們代理的知名品牌有歐洲 Educo、Hape 和 Haba 等... 全都通過 EN71 和 ASTM 歐美安全標準 。 這些品牌都是生產高品質娃娃和娃娃屋家具。 專為幼兒設計。

Baby dolls will promote nurturing and creative play in young children. They include a variety of different sizes and cultures. Encourages imagination and
language skills. Doll clothes are also available.

Excellent resources for role play and creative activities. Perfect for use at home, or at an early learning centre. Develops social skills, language skills, fine motor skills and creativity. Products to inspire and engage young children.

Promote role play and communication with our beautiful doll and doll house. Includes brands such as the environmentally friendly Educo, Hape & Haba which is made from sustainable rubberwood. High quality doll house furniture for the early years. Designed to fit with the doll houses on range.