Collection: Chunky Puzzles 木制大塊拼圖

Chunky Puzzles 木制大塊拼圖

這些拼圖需要小孩子用他們的整隻手(而不僅僅是手指)來撿起和移動碎片。 它們非常適合幼兒增強手部肌肉。

這種鑲嵌拼圖也包括少量的拼圖,通常在4-12塊之間。 市場上的許多大塊拼圖都與車輛和動物有關,這有助於小孩子學習物體名稱並辨別更詳細的形狀。

Those puzzles require young kids to utilize their whole hand (not just the fingers) to pick up and move the pieces. They’re great for toddlers to strengthen the muscles of their hands.

This kind of inset puzzle also include a few pieces which are usually between 4-12 pieces. Many of the chunky puzzles available on the market are about vehicles and animals, which helps little kids to learn object names and discern more detailed shapes.