Collection: Sensory & Messy Play 感官遊戲

Sensory & Messy Play 感官遊戲

感官遊戲是任何刺激我們感官的活動——觸覺、視覺、聽覺、嗅覺和味覺。 它幫助孩子與周圍的世界互動並理解他們周圍的世界。遊戲利用材料及其特性的開放式探索。 壓碎黏土、倒沙和分類石頭等活動可以讓孩子們以自己喜歡的方式重複和嘗試。 孩子們天生好奇,感官遊戲可以將他們的感官調動到適合他們的發展水平。

Sensory play is any activity that stimulates our senses – touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste. It helps children interact with and make sense of the world that surrounds them. Messy play is the open-ended exploration of materials and their properties. Activities like squishing clay, pouring sand, and sorting stones allow children to repeat and experiment as they like. Children are naturally curious, and messy play engages their senses at a developmental level that is appropriate for them.

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