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Beleduc Matching Puzzle 配對拼圖
透過配對拼圖,孩子可以透過遊戲學會理解關係。 在 MY SCHOOL BUS 您可以找到自然科學、人物或其他有趣的主題。 水果是如何生長的,或是薯條是如何製作的? 以一種有趣的方式拼合拼圖,透過實際的自我控制,孩子們也可以獨自拼圖,看看什麼是正確的。

With the matching puzzles, children learn to understand relationships through play. Here you can find topics from natural science, about people or other interesting topics. How does a fruit grow or how are fries made? In a playful way, the puzzle pieces are assigned and with practical self-control, the children can also puzzle alone and see what is correct.

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