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Educo Self-care Skills Wooden Puzzle - Bath for Cleaning 幼兒自理學習實木拼圖 - 洗澡

Educo Self-care Skills Wooden Puzzle - Bath for Cleaning 幼兒自理學習實木拼圖 - 洗澡

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Educo Self-care Skills Puzzle - Bath for Cleaning 幼兒自理學習拼圖 -  洗澡清潔身體

是一款專為培養幼兒自理能力而設計的互動拼圖玩具。此款拼圖以洗澡場景為主題,通過拼圖, ,引導幼兒了解並參與洗澡的全過程。

  1. 大塊拼圖設計,便於幼兒抓握和操作,適合24個月大及以上幼兒使用。
  2. 拼圖材質採用環保安全無毒的實木製成。
  3. 拼圖場景涵蓋洗澡全過程,包括接洗澡水、擦拭身體、洗頭髮等步驟,培養幼兒生活自理意識。
  4. 拼圖完成後,可循序漸進地引導幼兒實際完成洗澡流程。


包含 12 件。木框:24 x 24 公分。

Contains 12 pieces. Wooden frame: 24 x 24 cm.

It is an interactive puzzle toy specially designed to cultivate children's self-care ability. This puzzle takes the bathing scene as its theme. Through the puzzle, it guides children to understand and participate in the whole process of bathing.

The large puzzle design is easy for young children to grasp and operate, and is suitable for children aged 24 months and above.
The puzzle material is made of environmentally friendly, safe and non-toxic solid wood.
The puzzle scenes cover the entire process of bathing, including taking the bath water, wiping the body, washing hair and other steps to cultivate children's awareness of self-care.

After the puzzle is completed, the child can be guided step by step to actually complete the bathing process.

Suitable for children over 24 months old, it is a self-care toy that is both educational and entertaining.

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