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8cm Softwood Blocks (56 pcs) Weplay軟質木紋積木8cm-56件組

8cm Softwood Blocks (56 pcs) Weplay軟質木紋積木8cm-56件組

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8cm Softwood Blocks (56 pcs)  Weplay軟質木紋積木8cm-56件組

  • 實心木紋花色,非表面轉印,不會掉色。
  • 軟質積木適合幼齡孩子建構堆疊,加強手部肌肉的穩定度,提升手眼協調能力。
  • 多元幾何形狀積木,讓建構造型更豐富,還能練習形狀分解與組合。
  • 培養創意建構的能力,促進精細動作發展。
  • 學習同儕互動、合作的方式,培養挫折忍受力與建立學習成就感。
  • 質輕安全好收拾。
  • Designed with the look of real wood, Softwood Blocks are made of high-grade EVA material. They are light, soft and durable. Imagination is engaged through infinite possibilities of creations. Hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness are involved during gameplay. The 8 cm thick set is great for building up large construction.
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