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The Welcome Wagon: A Cubby Hill Tale

The Welcome Wagon: A Cubby Hill Tale

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The Welcome Wagon: A Cubby Hill Tale
ISBN: 9781419744174 Publisher: Abrams Author: Cori Doerrfeld 

In Cubby Hill, someone new is someone to celebrate! In a charming and reassuring story from the award-winning creator of The Rabbit Listened Cori Doerrfeld, a young bear and his friends learn that even though the world can be scary, sometimes new friends and new fun are just around the corner!

When curious young bear Cooper Cub notices a new family moving to town, he jumps on his scooter and sets off on a journey through Cubby Hill, assembling his best friends to welcome the newcomers. They can’t help but wonder what the new family will be like. What if they don’t like flowers or play video games? What if they’re not like anyone who’s ever lived in town? In this sweet story all about welcoming new people and making new friends, Cori Doerrfeld brings the world of Cubby Hill to life with humor, charm, and a whole lot of warmth.

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