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Grampus Portable Air Compressor Pump 多用途電動充氣泵

Grampus Portable Air Compressor Pump 多用途電動充氣泵

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Grampus Portable Air Compressor Pump 多用途電動充氣泵
Model no. H32742

電動充氣泵,小巧方便,有4個充氣嘴,適用於多款充氣類玩教具,如瑜珈球、伐木工、跳跳球、半圓平衡球。 此充氣幫浦前後各有一個口,分為充氣口和吸氣口,讓充氣類玩具使用、收納更方便。 重量1.3kg
特點: 充氣快、多種氣嘴可以為多種產品充氣。 還可以為汽車輪胎充氣。 使用10分鐘需暫停一會兒再使用。
材質: 金屬
規格: 25*10*19 cm 英規插頭

The electric air pump is compact and convenient. It has 4 inflating nozzles and is suitable for a variety of inflatable toy teaching aids, such as yoga balls, lumberjacks, bouncing balls, and semicircular balance balls. This inflatable pump has a port on the front and rear, which is divided into an inflation port and an air suction port, making inflatable toys more convenient to use and store. Weight 1.3kg
Features: Fast inflation, multiple air nozzles can inflate a variety of products. It can also inflate car tires. Please wait for 10 minutes before using.
material: metal
Specifications: 25*10*19 cm, UK plug

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