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AliMed Therapy Putty 2oz 治療膠 2oz

AliMed Therapy Putty 2oz 治療膠 2oz

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AliMed Therapy Putty 2oz 治療膠 2oz

可助減壓及加強手握力,增加活動能力及靈活性 改善細微動作的技巧
對兒童和成人都是安全的 美國製造

茶色: 1級-超特軟硬度 Tan: Level1: XX-Soft
黃色: 2級-特軟硬度 Yellow: Level2: X-Soft

紅色: 3級-軟硬度 Red: Level3: Soft
綠色: 4級-中硬度 Green: Level4: Medium
藍色: 5級-高硬度 Blue: Level5: Firm

Therapist Recommended
Putty resistance remains stable and constant for dependable treatment results.
Therapy putty is safe, gluten-free, latex free, no BPA, and is unscented, safe for children and adults.
Putty is adjusted to be non-sticky and non-greasy to touch and feel.
Made in the USA.

5 color-coded putties feature standard resistances:
Tan: Level1: XX-Soft
Yellow: Level2: X-Soft
Red: Level3: Soft
Green: Level4: Medium
Blue: Level5: Firm

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