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Rosa Bench Set of 9 件裝 羅莎·長凳

Rosa Bench Set of 9 件裝 羅莎·長凳

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Rosa Bench Set of 9 件裝 羅莎 長凳




套裝包含: : 9 件羅莎凳

每件大小: 64*38*38cm

Rosa Bench can be combined in various configurations according to your preference. Their modular design allows for flexible arrangement and customization to suit different activities and spaces.

The outer layer is made of sturdy PU material, while the inner part is made of high-quality pearl cotton material. The shape is curved and it is available in three colors: red, blue, and black. It can be combined in various ways or used individually. It provides excellent comfort when sitting at any angle. It can be used as stepping stones or a balance beam. It is stable, durable, and suitable for various indoor activities such as ball pit setups, circular balance bridges, and more.

Each piece measures : 64*38*38cm.

Material: PVC+EPE


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