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Balancing Counting Game 平衡數遊戲

Balancing Counting Game 平衡數遊戲

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Balancing Counting Game 平衡數遊戲

  • 平衡計數遊戲數學秤玩具將透過孩子尋找解決方案來教孩子數學操作和計數,使這些重量平衡。
  • 天平數學玩具將教導孩子如何學習加法和減法數學技能,孩子可以直觀地了解重量和比較。
  • 玩具平衡計數玩具適合幼兒園寶寶,培養競賽或合作、孩子的團隊精神和溝通能力。
  • 所有零件均由木質材料製成,無毛刺,邊緣光滑,堅固耐用。
  • 天平玩具將是 3 歲及以上兒童的令人愉快的教育禮物。

刻度直徑:15 厘米/5.91 英寸

產品包括: 數學天秤 X1, 顆彩虹珠X100,  棒 X20, 平衡滑軌X2 

【Math Scale】: Balancing counting game math scale toy will teach children math manipulatives and counting through kids' finding solution to make these weights balanced.
【Teaching Tool】: The balance scale math toy will teach kids how to learn addition and subtraction math skills, Kids can gain a visual understanding of weights and comparisons.
【Preschool Learning Activities】: Montessori toy balance counting toys suitable for kindergarten babies, develops competition or cooperation, children's team spirit and communication skills.
【Durable Material】: All pieces made of wood material, no burrs, smooth edge, sturdy and durable.
【Best Gift】: Balance Scale Toy will be a delightful educational gift for aged 3 years old and up.


Material: Wooden

Size Chart:

Scale(LxH): 56cmx25cm/22.05inchx9.84inch
Base: 20cmx12cm/7.87inchx4.72inch
Scale Diamter: 15cm/5.91inch

Package Includes:

1 Math Scale
100 Rainbow Beads
20 Rods
2 Balance Slide

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