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Beleduc Multifunctional School Bus 多功能校巴

Beleduc Multifunctional School Bus 多功能校巴

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Beleduc Multifunctional School Bus 多功能校巴


物料: 實木夾板

產品尺寸: 1200x630×800 mm

The Multifunctional School Bus provides the best scene setting and offers children's favorite role-playing equipment. The magical school bus can be infinitely extended. The product consists of a front and a rear part. By placing chairs or cushions in the middle, there is enough space for more children to participate. The multifunctional school bus also has storage space in the rear for luggage. The control panel in the front seat simulates real driving equipment, including a rotatable steering wheel, ignition key, gearshift, radio, and speedometer - all the essential items for children to roleplay as the driver. The front of the vehicle can also be used as a puppet theater stage.

Material: Plywood

Product Dimensions: 1200 x 630 x 800 mm

This versatile school bus toy allows children to engage in imaginative play, explore different roles, and develop a range of skills, including language, cognitive, social, emotional, and fine motor skills. It provides a captivating and educational playtime experience for children aged 3-8.

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