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Beleduc Playing and Learning Clock Cake 蛋糕時鐘時間理解遊戲

Beleduc Playing and Learning Clock Cake 蛋糕時鐘時間理解遊戲

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Beleduc Playing and Learning Clock Cake 蛋糕時鐘時間理解遊戲


適合年齡: 3歲及以上
遊戲人數: 2-4人

- 1 塊木製遊戲板
- 1 個木製支架
- 12 塊雙面印刷的拼圖
- 4 個遊戲棋子
- 36 張遊戲卡
- 1 個顏色骰子
- 1 個點數骰子








Item no. 22397
Playing and Learning Clock
Our playing and learning clock offers different possibilities for playing with time.
It can be used as a jigsaw for very small children to promote an understanding of numbers and quantities or as a game that imparts the basics of telling the time.
Age: 3+
Players: 2-4
1 wooden game board,1 wooden stand,12 jigsaw pieces (printed on both sides),4 playing figures,36 playing cards,1 dice with colours,1 dice with dots

Illustration: Simone Kalz

Game story: Marius jumps out of bed with a start.Once again he has almost overslept. Getting up at quarter to seven is no problem but how do you know when
it's quarter to seven? Where are the hands of the clock at quarter to seven? Marius really wants to learn to tell the time because then it will be much easier for him to arrange to play with his friends.

Jigsaw variants:

The playing and learning clock toy offers two different jigsaw possibilities and the board underneath shows another learning aid and has hands for setting the time.First take all the jigsaw pieces out and spread them on the table around the clock.The clock should also be on the table to make it easier to insert them.You can now decide which side of the jigsaw pieces the clock is to show.One side shows the numbers from 1 to 12 as well as the 5-minute steps from 5 to 60 minutes.

The other side also shows the numbers from 1 to 12 but has different motifs as well. Each jigsaw piece has as many motifs as match the number.
The board underneath also allows the possibility of seeing the numberagain in the form of dots along with the corresponding time depending
on the time of day.

Another checking means is offered by the differences in height of the various jigsaw pieces.The jigsaw pieces form steps and so it is easy to see if the sequence is right.In this version you do not need the cards,the playing figures or the dice.

The stand (please look at the backside) is used for storing the clock but can also be used to make the clock more visible when explanations are being given.

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