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Beleduc Balamari Game 深海捕魚

Beleduc Balamari Game 深海捕魚

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 Beleduc Balamari Game 深海捕魚

遊戲介紹:當心! 小魚必須避免黑色的洞穴,如果小魚掉進黑色的洞穴中,鯊魚會吃掉它們。小朋友需要合作操控遊戲布,利用高高低低的上下左右,協助小魚游到四個彩色洞穴裡。那一組的小朋友在四個回合後可以收集到最多的魚呢?還是鯊魚?

The player needs to manipulate the fish to swim into the four colourful caves in the game mat. To finish this, children need to have strong agility and dexterity, coordination and balance, oral expression or other abilities.

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