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Beleduc Marbelino 1 Sorting Game 邏輯彩珠第一套-分類遊戲

Beleduc Marbelino 1 Sorting Game 邏輯彩珠第一套-分類遊戲

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Beleduc Marbelino 1 Sorting Game 邏輯彩珠第一套-分類遊戲 Product Code: 21022 Barcode:4014888210228

教育目標:數學教育: 培養專注力,空間感知力,數量的認知和複現,學會初步的計數。

配件:木制底板×1;木質夾持器×1;山毛櫸球×18(Ø30);山毛櫸球×30(Ø20);骰子×2(20×20×20);卡×10(90 × 90);藍色印花袋×1(215 × 185);氈袋×1(Ø150× 60);氈袋×4(Ø90 × 35);材質:膠合板、毛氈布、滌綸、棉布、CMYK列印遊戲卡

With the task cards the children can sort the balls with colour or size. It can be also played as a dice game or onl use it creatively.
10 cards with 3 difficulty levels
game board and balls amde of wood
with cotton bags for the wooden balls

The sorting game proposes some sorting activities with coloured balls in 2 different sizes and can be also played as a dice game. It also trains fine motor skills when using the tongs suitable for both ball sizes. The wooden board has 6 circular slots identified by white areas inside, and by outer circles in 6 different colours. Kids can use the activity cards, play the dice game, or also use their creativity and do free play.
Box size: 31,5 x 30,7 x 10,5 cm
Material: plywood / solid wood / paper

Age recommendation: 3+
Number of parts: 68
Number of players: 1-4
Educational Areas: Art, Somatic, Mathematics
Awards: spiel gut

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