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Beleduc Melody Box Let's Play 奇妙音樂演奏盒

Beleduc Melody Box Let's Play 奇妙音樂演奏盒

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Beleduc Melody Box Let's Play 奇妙音樂演奏盒 Product Code: 21024 Barcode:4014888210242


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Children are introduced to music in a playful way and can independently attach the sound bodies according to the templates. So everyone can make music!
high-quality wooden box with 39 sound pipes
including song book with 16 melodies
everyone can play it!

With "Let's Play", children are introduced to music in a playful way, they learn to be aware of tones, to play rhythms and to know their first melodies. Every child can start immediately after a short introduction, without knowing notes and scales in detail. The first melodies and songs are created. Music and rhythm support children's perception and creativity at an early age. Children can arrange the sound bodies in the wooden box by themselves and play according to melodies. Making music can have a lasting positive influence on various abilities of children, such as cognitive and social skills.
Product size: 39,5 x 29,5 x 5,5 cm
Material: plywood / solid wood / stainless steel

Warning! Not suitable for children under 3 years. Contains removable little pieces.
Age recommendation: 4+
Number of parts: 49
Number of players: 1+
Educational Areas: Art, Somatic, Mathematics

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