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Beleduc Mom and Baby Handpuppet Cheeta and Bibi 猴子媽媽和寶寶

Beleduc Mom and Baby Handpuppet Cheeta and Bibi 猴子媽媽和寶寶

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Beleduc Mom & Baby Handpuppet Cheeta & Bibi Product Code: 40440 Barcode:4014888404405



With these handpuppets, children dive into the world of fantasy and experience exciting stories with the mother-child handpuppets.
encourage children?s imagination, language and self-confidence
for adult and children hands
This is how great stories are created in creative play.

Monkeys - they are clever, quick and full of mischief. They are fascinating animals that children enjoy. At home in many regions all over the world, they have many stories to tell. The soft and snuggly female monkey loves to swing, to play with her baby Bibi and to cuddle. The pretty and detailed faces are a real eye-catcher. The children will love them!
Product size: 11,5 x 30 x 34 cm
Material: cotton / polyester
Age recommendation: 3+
Number of parts: 2
Number of players: 1+
Educational Areas: Somatic, Social, Linguistic

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