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Beleduc TopPlay Carousel for 3 Little One 三個寶寶氹氹轉

Beleduc TopPlay Carousel for 3 Little One 三個寶寶氹氹轉

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Beleduc TopPlay Carousel for 3 Little One 三個寶寶氹氹轉 Product Code: 64360 Barcode:4014888643606

最多可容納 3 名兒童

三個寶寶氹氹轉 像遊樂場的經典旋轉木馬一樣是幼兒最喜歡的,是學校或治療中心必備的! 小朋友會期代體驗這旋轉的樂趣,  小朋友可以利用中間的圓形把手旋轉或握緊在把手上安全地固定位置。 1至3個小朋友可以坐在一起玩耍。

三個寶寶氹氹轉 總重量 18 公斤, 可以輕鬆移動運送到不同的遊樂區域使用。產品坐高貼地,能提供有效安全的感覺統合訓練。

產品尺寸:85 x 85 x 36 厘米

Mobile seat carousel
for up to 3 children
suitable for inside and outside

The carousel - the classic element at every playground which must be included in beleducs portfolio! Are you ready for amazing spinning fun? The carousel offers the possibility to actively make it go round or hold on safely to the handhold. Two children can sit opposite each other and play together. The carousel can be easily moved around - due to appr. 18 kg total weight it can be easily transported to different play areas. Should a child lose balance, it will simply roll to the ground without any danger due to the minimal height.

Product size: 85 x 85 x 36 cm
Age recommendation: 3-6
Number of players: 1-3
Weight: 18 Kilo
Educational Areas: Somatic, Linguistic, Science

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